Become a Corporate Sponsor

Your company can be involved in this adventure and at the same time help raise money for two very worthwhile charities. Companies can receive many benefits from sponsorship, such as:

  • The opportunity to be involved with a charitable cause with potential PR and media coverage throughout.
  • Everest conjures up strong word and image association such as ‘highest, valor, endeavour, determination, team, risk, danger, safety, etc. Your product or service can be associated with these images.
  • Your company can benefit from brand and product placement on equipment and clothing.
  • Sponsorship can bring company and product endorsements.
  • Sponsorship can be a tax liability benefit.
  • The expedition can provide a perfect environment for testing of equipment, clothing and technology.

Whilst the form of any Sponsorship and donations would preferably be monetary as all donations and sponsorship goes to the charities donations of specialist food, clothing and equipment supply can also be considered. Donations are welcomed from both large and small companies.

Contact Stephen Green to arrange a meeting and discuss a programme of sponsorship and the business benefits of doing so.

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