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41 thoughts on “Leave a message of support

  1. Victor Delstanche

    Well done Stephen. We met at base camp. All the more credit to you after your time back in Kathmandu in hospital.

  2. Dale Hopper

    Just watched your video mate, was superb

    Very best of luck for completing everest and reaching the top of the world

    Take Care

  3. Mum

    By the time you are reading this you will have arrived in Katmandu, the start of your challenge of a lifetime. I would say enjoy every moment but I know that there will be many points that are gruelling or boring and anything but enjoyable however I know your determination and personality will carry you through and given the right conditions you will achieve the ambition and challenge you set yourself at the age of 12. Enjoy the experience and return home safely. Love you.
    Tinks says bon voyage and can you bring her home some Yak’s milk to try!

  4. Ewan Cameron

    Hey pal, long time no see but looking forward to sending you off on Thursday. Touched that your taking our faces to the top of Everest with you.

    I’m sure you’ll make a molehill out of that mountain

    All the best


  5. Callum Scott

    Green! The flags look amazing! It is a real privilege and honour that you have thought of all of us in Aberdeen and to take us to the top of the world! I am very proud of you for what you are doing and about to achieve and my thoughts will be with you every step of the way. You are a very driven and extraordinary young man and I am sure you will conquer your dream with guile and vigour.

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. We shall send you off the only way us Aberdeen Uni lot can!

  6. shona lines

    Hi Stephen, its getting close now!! good luck, make sure you come back safe and sound. can’t wait to see all the photos. So very proud of you, Love all your rellies in Rugby xxxx

  7. Andrew Smith

    Hey Green

    All the best for your trip. Absolutely awesome what you’re doing and for such a good cause. I pray that God blesses your trip and brings you home safely

  8. Julia Harris


    so unbelievably proud of the money you have raised so far and of what you are about to embark on! you are doing something it wouldnt cross anyone elses mind to do and i hope every day you remember how amazing it is and what an achievement everything you have done so far is!

    looking forward to thurs and a great send off for you!

    be safe, be strong, and enjoy it!

    love always.x

  9. William J Duthie

    Hey Brother, been keeping up to date with your tweets etc so hope training is going well despite my best efforts to tempt you back to the deen.
    It still astounds me when I think of what your doing (when we’re chillin in diploma) and the commitment that you ve shown since you decision to go for it. Will be praying every day your on the mountain your trip is safe but I’m sure you ll casually side step every near death experience with the same suave panache I have come to expect from your greenious self.

    Will be seeing you in a weeks time with Ashover and the rest o the lads descending on Edinburgh for your leaving do.

    Muchos Love,

  10. Linda Hamilton

    Good luck from all at Cancer Research UK. Hope all goes well.
    Thank you for supporting Cancer Research UK, much appreciated.
    I am the local contact for the charity in your area.
    Safe trip.

  11. Craig Davidson

    Hey Gweeny,
    Just to wish you all the best, it is a truely outstanding challenge you are undertaking and I’m sure you’ll conquer Everest in your own unique Greeny fashion!

    Awesome video aswell, it good to see you havent lost your gazelle esque running style. Take care and we’ll party like champions when your back x

  12. Michael Hunter

    Have just seen the video, looks great!

    I am sure I will see you before you go but all the best when the time comes. Amazing challenge and a great that you are doing it for such a worthwhile cause.

  13. Will Allan

    Hey Green,

    Just watched your video – its top notch! Hope training is going well. If anyone can make it to the top of the world its you! All the best, Will.

  14. Andrew Chapman

    fantastic video Stephen and a great website.

    best of luck, I’ll be following your progress as you go along!

  15. Therasa Green

    Hey cuzz

    i just watched your video AWSOME!
    wishing you the bestest of luck and lots of love we will all be thinking of you all the way to the top! il cook you a welcome home dinner okay! we look forward to all your tails of the trip. Tray,billy,darcy and lexie

  16. Guy Grant

    Hey Green!

    Congratulations on all the work so far and good luck for the rest of your fund raising! Just make sure you remember your walking boots and a coin for “rash fish or no fish?” up the hill…

    Much Love,


    PS we will are gonna put on a MASSIVE party when you get back!!

  17. Hello there Mr Green,
    Just wishing you all the best with your expedition, Will says the fund raising trail is getting tough but keep at it and I m sure you ll get there. If your in Aberdeen before you leave for training make sure to come in by the store.

    All the best,
    the Carpet right guys

  18. Jose Mangueira

    Big green! hope you have a greaat experience going up everest and when you get back, we’ll be here for the celebration

    big hugg


  19. Drew Leitch

    Hope training is going well Stephen! Cant believe you have 7 weeks till the climb. All the best with raising money and getting to the top!

  20. Robin Dunlop

    Good Luck Green, I’m sure you’ll make the top and the money. I reiterate Gavin’s Point. You had better beat Josh to the top. Good work on all the training. The charities are great and will be delighted at all you are doing and the extent of your efforts.

  21. Gavin Miller

    Hey Green you hero! Outstanding effort trying to raise so much for charity!!! Wish you all the best, you better beat wee josh to the top! All the best mate!

  22. robert grant

    Fit lyk Green. Your undertaking a great challange for a great cause!! Your preperation has been fantastic to hear about and has provided a good source of conversation for everyone. Hope you love every moment of the climb and raise a heap for the charities.

  23. Andy Taggart

    Brilliant cause and amazing challenge cous…you’re totally the one for it! Hopefully catch you this weekend to here about the preparation.
    I’m willing to be the climb doctor if you’re happy to carry me the whole way!

    I’ll head on over to the donation site now!

    Good on ya.

  24. Dusan

    Hey mate, it was good seeing you the other week and hearing all about your prep for Everest. Would love to see the Himalayas – even going to Base Camp would be epic. Hopefully catch you before you go out. Will donate as soon as I get paid for January! All the best. x

  25. Richard Stewart

    Gween, I have heawd Evewest is weally weally high! Na but seriously dude massively impressed with what you are doing! To think you’ll be one of a select few who have been to the top of the world is mind boggling! Plus the fact you are raising a huge amount of money for charity, hope it goes along way to helping Cancer Research and the like!

    I would tell you to stay safe, but you’ll no doubt have that covered! Enjoy the whole trip, and we’ll all need to see you before you go! xx

    P.s. You need to get some sort of Josh Lewsey rugby hit in at some point, when safest!

  26. Lyndsay MacLean

    If anyone can do it, you can!! I take my hat off to you, Ben Nevis is high enough for me though and even still I got weak at the knees!

    Best of Luck xx

  27. Niall Lawson

    Well you certainly can’t say it’s an everyday fundraiser…

    Good choices of charities – and you should make a fantastic sum for them!
    Best of luck =D

  28. Trevor Campbell Davis

    Eighty days and counting…good luck with the preparations. Just back from Zermatt under the shadow of the Matterhorn (and a dozen 4000m peaks). Trevor

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