About Me

Hi, my name is Stephen Green, I’m 23 years old and live in Edinburgh. To summit Everest has always been one of my goals in life. I just recently graduated from Aberdeen University where I was studying Law with economics. I had originally planned to go to Canada and ski instruct this season but after my dad died it really opened my eyes to how little time we have here and after speaking to friends I decided to change my plans and make my attempt on Everest sooner rather than later.

I first started climbing when I was young when my dad took me to and indoor climbing wall and from then on I was hooked. Between the ages of 11 and 15 I climbed as often as I could at our local wall (Alien Rock) and competed in climbing competitions across the country. When I was 15 I broke my collar bone playing rugby at school. This stopped me from climbing for a long period.  When my collar bone healed I never really got back into climbing and instead enjoyed playing other sports. It is only really in the last year I returned to climbing

In September just past as part of my preparations to climb Everest I flew out to Chamonix in France to climb Mont Blanc. This was a big step up from anything I had previously attempted.  My climbing experience previously was limited to crags and indoor climbing walls and the highest mountain I’d climb was Ben Nevis. In fact I had never strapped on crampons before! I therefore had to quickly recap my skills required for winter mountaineering. Thankfully the trip was a success and I summited Mont Blanc with my guide at sunrise where we were greeted with a spectacular view of the Alps in shades of yellows and oranges.

After returning to the UK from Chamonix I had a month to increase my fitness before I flew out to Nepal to climb Ama Dablam. Once again this was another big step up . Ama Dablma is 6,812 meters, which is 2000 meters higher than Mont Blanc  and is regarded as one of the most technically difficult peaks in the Himalayas. On the 24th of October seven of us flew out form London Heathrow and on the 11th of November 4 of us summited. Unfortunately two of our party became ill on the mountain and had to be helicoptered back to hospital in Kathmandu. One member narrowly missed out on summiting after falling short of the cut off time to make it back to camp 3 safely and had to turn round just short of the summit.

I’m currently back in the UK now till the 3rd of April when I leave for Everest. The next couple of months will involve a lot of training and preparation and I will keep everyone updated with how it’s going on my blog on this website.