We’re going for the 26th!

After much debating last night it has been decided that we will have a further day’s rest at ABC and make a summit bid on the 26th rather than the 25th. While there were many good points for both dates the general feeling in the team was that we started this expedition together and we should all try and finish it together, and the best way to do that was to have an extra day’s rest to allow everyone the best possible chance of summiting. For me this is great news as I definitely fall into the category of one of those team members who would benefit from additional rest.

For the next couple of days we will therefore be eating, drinking and resting up as much as we can in preparation for leaving for camp 1 on the 22nd. The feeling in the team is very positive and now that a date has been decided people can start to prepare themselves both mentally and physically. There is a slight air of apprehension in the team, but having 3 people in the team who nearly summited last year and one who successfully summited, with the army a couple of years ago, has helped calm many fears and answered any questions other team members have about what to expect on summit day. This combined with the leadership of Zack and Chris, which has been superb throughout the expedition, and their vast experience of climbing the Himalayas, in my opinion, puts us all in a very strong position to summit. Fingers crossed!!


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