25th or 26th May? Decisions!

The majority of the team arrived into ABC this afternoon after trekking up from either BC or interim camp.  I, and three other team members spent last night at interim camp as we felt we would be better prepared for our summit push if we took the long trek up to ABC in two stages. Other team members took different approaches, some favouring to leave a day early for ABC so they could have an extra day’s rest, while others were happy to leave BC as planned and trek up to ABC in one day. Irrespective of how we all got here, the whole team is now here and anxiously waiting to leave camp and progress further up the mountain! We just need to agree on a date.

In my last blog I said that the 25th was a possible summit date. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather on Everest this date may be changed. At present there is a potential summit window ranging from the 25th to the 28th. It takes three days from ABC to get into position at camp 3 for a summit attempt. Deciding on the best possibly summit date ahead of time is therefore very important as we don’t want to find ourselves spending extra nights on the mountain, thereby wasting energy, especially not above camp 1 where you are sleeping in the death zone and your body is effectively dying due to lack of oxygen.

The group is currently divided as to which date is best. A number of the team are not feeling great after trekking up to ABC and favour spending an extra day resting at ABC, while others want to attempt to summit at the earliest opportunity. Zack and Chris have dismissed the possibility of splitting the team into two as it would deplete our resources on the mountain, and potentially turn the second team into a rescue party instead of a summit team if something goes wrong with the first team’s attempt. My personal preference would be to have an extra day’s rest at ABC before leaving for camp 1, especially after having spent 8 days in Kathmandu, 4400 metres lower than BC and leaving immediately for ABC when returning.

After dinner tonight we will all sit down and discus the pro’s and con’s of each date. By then we should have received the most up to date weather report, which may alter things again completely. Once we have decided on a date I will let you all know.


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