Straight back into it.

I’m back up at base camp with the team!! I arrived at 01:00, just a couple of hours ago, 18 hours after leaving Kathmandu. It was a long journey and I am pretty tired now but very happy to be back. At some points I thought we weren’t going to make it back to BC today as our jeep kept breaking down in the middle of the desert or, alarmingly, my driver kept getting lost! But thankfully I have made it back safely, and now all I want to do is climb into my sleeping bag and sleep.

Very kindly Chris and George waited up for me, as the rest went to bed after dinner. It was great to see their faces and hear their news, well nearly all of it. Unfortunately for me the weather window has come early and I have been told that I will have to leave BC tomorrow, to begin the summit push, so as to be in position at camp 3 for when the weather window arrives. This means I won’t get any days’ rest at BC before leaving; in fact I will be departing BC just 9 hours after arriving.

I am slightly worried, therefore, about my acclimatisation. Moving up so quickly after having been down in Kathmandu for such a long period, 4400m lower than BC (nearly the height of Mont Blanc) may pose some serious problems. But after speaking to Chris I am reassured and agree with him that the best thing to do is leave BC tomorrow. There are a couple of team member who plan to spend a night at interim camp instead of going straight up to ABC in one day, and Chris feels that to give myself the best chance of summiting and not getting sick I should do likewise, even if it does mean leaving tomorrow.

The next few days will be pretty hectic, moving up to ABC and preparing to move on to camp 1, 2, and 3 and finally the summit (fingers crossed!!), so it may be hard to get blogs out. But I will endeavour to get at least one blog if not more out before I leave from camp 3 for the summit. We also now have a potential summit date of the 25thof May. Exciting, put it in your diaries now! Adventure peaks will also be posting a live feed on their website of the progress of each member of the team, so anyone interested can stay up and follow the action as it unfolds.


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