My permit has been refused!

In my last blog I told you all about the American woman who decided to fly a free Tibet banner while at the bottom of the Rombuk monastery. We have been told that because of this act Beijing has decided to issue no more climbing permits!

Basically this means my expedition is over. I had hoped to appeal the decision but have been advised not to bother, as apparently once Beijing has made its mind up about something it is very unlikely to change it. Both my agent and I are looking into other possibilities and even the possibility of climbing the south side of Everest instead, but being realistic it looks like I won’t be going back to Everest again this year.

If anything changes I will let you all know by posting the news here on my website. Otherwise as my expedition is effectively over, sadly, this will be my last blog. In a couple of weeks when I am back home and over the huge disappointment of having to leave the expedition prematurely, I will write a summary of my expedition to the point of my evacuation.

Thank you to all of you who followed my blog this year and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Hopefully sometime in the future I will go back to Everest and summit, but for now it will have to wait!


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