Life in Kathmandu

My life in Kathmandu, over the past few days, has been very relaxed. The city itself is extremely busy, the number of people always going somewhere and the volume of traffic on their roads is quiet incredible. The tourist district ‘Thamel’ is no exception, but with a little bit of hunting you can find a quiet cafe, restaurant or poolside bar to relax in. It is in these places I have been chilling out, unlike previous trips to Kathmandu and Nepal when I visited numerous tourist attractions. Rather I have decided to rest as much as possible and recover my strength.

Two years ago when I arrived in Kathmandu for the first time, to climb Ama Dablam, I visited the local tourist sites in and around Kathmandu. The city has some amazing sights. One of my favourites is the monkey temple. A temple built on a hillside high up above the dirt and grime of Kathmandu, playing home to monks and hundreds of monkeys, as the name would suggest. A tourist standing at the top of the temple has a fantastic view of the city below and can enjoy feeding the monkeys.

RE; the progress of my permit. My agent Iswari has still not received confirmation from his contacts in China as to whether or not the authorities will issue me a new permit. I was told yesterday that an American woman flew a free Tibet flag at the bottom of the Rombuk monastery, this has created  problems for other English speaking westerns wanting to enter Tibet. All I can do, for now, is enjoy my time in Kathmandu and keep my fingers crossed that the Chinese realise that I will be no trouble and all I want to do is enter Tibet to climb Everest.

Never before did I think waiting for news could be so hard, it’s like I am a wee child again and time passes really, really, slowly.  It’s Christmas Eve and I am waiting to fall asleep so that I can wake up in the morning to see if Santa has come. Fingers crossed this year Santa will bring me a new climbing permit!

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