Starting to feel better; going to give it a go!

Last night the three of us who were ill decided to sleep in the mess tent as there is a heater in there and more space. While none of us had the best nights sleep we woke feeling a little better and decided to try and climb the North Col and spend the night up there. After that, depending on how we felt, we would hopefully then make the climb to 7500m the following day. The rest of the team, including our guides, have already climbed to this milestone and are making their way back down today. Our Sherpas are carrying oxygen up to the North Col today and then up to 7800m tonight and so will be around at least until this evening.

The main worry just now is getting too far behind the rest of the team. If an early weather window were to arrive nobody wants to find themselves in the position of not being able to go with the rest of the team due to lack of acclimatisation. This could mean having to stay behind and make a later attempt, or possibly miss out on a summit attempt altogether.

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