Bad News

Unfortunately I have some bad news to report back today. The night after I climbed the north col and returned to ABC I started to get serve stomach pains. It has now been 5 days and the pains are still present. Unfortunately the rest of my team is returning to ABC today to continue with their acclimatisation. They will be going up to camp 1 to spend the night and weather permitting try to climb to 7500m the next day.

I had been hoping to get rid of this bug without antibiotics, to avoid the risk of catching anything else but have now run out of time and have decided to start taking ciprofloxan. Taking antibiotics lowers the immune system so you run the risk of picking up more bugs, but in my case it seems the only option. I have therefore decided to take an extra day at BC to try and shake off my bug before once more moving up to ABC. Hopefully whatever I have will be nothing serious and I will be able to catch up with the team at ABC.

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