Stephen has returned to the lower Base Camp and is currently with the rest of the Adventure Peaks team. After climbing to 8650m (the majority of the last push being without the aid of Oxygen due to an O2 equipment problem), Stephen had remained at Camp 3 (8300m) and hoped to join up with one of the American groups and stage a second summit attempt. However the shortage of Sherpas at this level and the dramatically waning weather window has meant that Stephen was unable to make this climb.

The team be packing up and heading to Kathmandu shortly, then spending a week or so helping out at a local Orphanage, before hopping on a flight back to the UK. I know that everyone can’t wait to see Stephen in person and congratulate him, but he will be able to access the internet once he is back in civilisation in Kathmandu – so please feel free to leave any messages of congratulations here for him.

And stay tuned… I know for a fact that Stephen will be bringing back a plethora of breathtaking photos, and hopefully even some footage of his climbs!

13 thoughts on “** CONGRATULATIONS STEPHEN **

  1. Donald Sutherland

    Green, amazing effort mate and I’m sorry to hear about the oxygen but have no doubt that you’ll be at the summit one day! Hope you had an incredible time and that you enjoy the rest of your time out there. All the best and I’ll see u when we’re both back in the uk. Well done.

  2. Linda Hamilton

    HI Stephen
    Well done.
    Hope the rest of the trip is safe.
    Look forward to hearing from you on your return and also seeing some photos.
    Once again thanks for supporting Cancer Research UK.

  3. Andrew Chapman

    Stephen, what a great effort, congratulations. Josh Lewsey mentioned you on his website as well, it seems most people in the group had a difficult time. Can’t wait to hear about it, have a safe trip home.

  4. paul and sarah speight

    Stephen well done to get so close despite the O2 mix up. Congratulations on of what you have achieved (will you go back!!) So pleased you had a safe descent. Look forward to hearing all about the trip when you return.
    Love Sarah and Paul.

  5. Chris Seaward

    It must be tough to have got so near; I could cry for you. Congratulations on all your efforts. Not only your firiends and family have been following you – you and the group have kept quite a few others entranced. Have a great time when you get back and savour all you have achieved.

  6. Barry Jones

    What a fantastic effort. Well done but commiserations that you didn’t summit due to equipment problems. Have a good trip home. Barry (Lhapka Ri group)

  7. Allister Taggart

    Stephen. Thanks to you, I’ve become obsessed with every detail of the Everest 2010 climbing season. You should read Alan Arnette’s daily blog on http://www.alanarnette.com to get a flavour of all that was going on around you for the past 2 months. Thanks for bringing such a degree of excitement into all our lives. You should be very proud of what you have done. Allister

  8. Catri

    So proud to say I know someone with the guts to attempt this. Can’t believe you almost made it to the top without O2! Hope you get the pictures up when you get back so we can see. Enjoy the rest of your time out there.
    Love The Caseys

  9. Will (without Rachael)

    Hey brother, Congrats on the climb! Let me know Asap your return plans, I have to book days maybe weeks off work for the skyte….. love and bear hugs xx

  10. Rachael

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done pal! Look forward to the stories, photos and drinks when you return!!! Love Rach and Will xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Mum

    Fantastic to speak to you yesterday. You have an amazing story. Hope you are as proud of yourself as we are of you. Looking forward to your return.
    Mark wants to know if you are going back next year!
    Love Mum

  12. Annie Boon

    We are all so proud of you. Enjoy the rest (and the rest!) of your time in Nepal. Best wishes and love from the Boons

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