8650m above sea level!

Stephen reached 8650m in the early hours of this morning (when most of us were still in bed), after setting off from camp three at 10.30pm (Everest time). Conditions were good with some of the team sending back pictures of blue skies over the mountain. After a gruelling 10 hour climb, Stephen reached 8650m (less than 200m from the summit), but unfortunately a mistake meant that he was given an empty O2 canister when swapping, forcing him to turn around and return to camp three – 8300m.  Stephen is currently recuperating at this height and waits to see if it will be possible to make a second attempt at the summit. The majority of Stephen’s team have either already or are turning around and returning to lower base camps.

To have reached this stage, outlasting many seasoned climbers out there, Stephen has already proved himself an accomplished and determined athlete. Not to mention the psychological and mental strength needed to continue to face some of the most inhospitable conditions on earth (I can’t even imagine how tough it must be up there). I know that everyone who knows Stephen, knows how talented and driven a man he is and will be immensely proud of his achievements so far. We all wish him well and want him home safe to celebrate these achievements back in the UK!

4 thoughts on “8650m above sea level!

  1. Callum Scott

    Keep it going Green! We are all rooting for you to make the summit on your second attempt! Immensely proud buddy.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the message and you’re right – each member of the team has surpassed themselves and each has had to face the challenging conditions out there. Communications are pretty sporadic, but I believe a handful from the Adventure Peaks group even achieved the Summit (Stu, Max etc).

    Well Done everyone!

  3. Linda Hamilton

    Well done Stephen, for getting this far, I hope you are able to reach the summit at second attempt. All rooting for you.

  4. susan robertson

    I am delighted that Stephen managed to get as far as he did but feel a little aggrieved at the thought that the majority of the other team members ‘have just given up’. Surely conditions etc overwhelmed them. They guys don’t just give up!

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