Out comes the Oxygen…

From Adventure Peaks website – 21st April (approx 5.30 GMT):

The team started out this morning in extremely strong winds which, as the forecast predicted, seem to have subsided throughout the day however they have remained stong enough to provide their fair share of challenges. After the strong winds last night, everyone headed out at around 8am, happy to be out of their tents and moving up the slope to 7800m. Some members of the team went on oxygen from 7000 as previously arranged and others opted to collect their cylinders from 7500m. Oxygen has clearly helped as those on it from 7000m moved well whist those collecting from 7500m are moving much more slowly. The sherpas were busy setting up camp at 7800m so several sherpas went back down to 7500m to bring down oxygen to those moving more slowly. I think that both Stu and Matt definitely have their hands full at the moment trying to get everyone into camp safely and with enough strength to continue on tomorrow…. I think that quite a few nerves were shaken as this feels like the first time that we’ve really witnessed what Everest is all about..

2 thoughts on “Out comes the Oxygen…

  1. Tony & Seonaid Green

    We are really impressed Stephen
    Only one ‘wee’ step further – so go for it!
    Would love to be with you – but my knee is giving me a little touble!!
    The first Green ‘on top of the world’!
    Your Dad would be so proud and so are we
    Magnificent achievement

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