From Adventure Peaks website – 21st April:

Dressed head-to-toe in their wind-proofs and big-boots, the team headed up the North Col yesterday under blue skies and a hefty-breeze, leaving ABC between 9 – 10am. Everyone was in good spirits and eager to take the first ‘official’ steps on their individual bids for the summit. The ‘breeze’ picked up in the early afternoon which resulted in some challenging climbing conditions navigating the steep and icy face of the North Col – gusts up to 50 – 60mph, very cold temperatures, reduced visibility and a lot of blowing snow. The team successfully arrived at the top of the North Col at around 14:00h only to find a number of tents obliterated due to strong gusts of wind. Thanks to the efforts of the Sherpas and cooperation by other teams, these were quickly repaired and replaced. Brendan radioed into ABC to say that upon entering the tent he was immediately pinned to the ground by the wind with the tent wrapping around him like cling-film..! Everyone was eager to collect ice/snow for a brew and some delicious ‘boil in a bag’ feasts and dive into the comfort of their sleeping bags to escape the extremly harsh winds which seemed to pick up and continue well into the evening.

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