BLOG UPDATE – Summit Attempt Approaching!

Hello there everyone following Stephen’s progress.

I’ve been updating Stephen’s blogs whilst he’s been away. Unfortunately the Sat-phone uplink over at Base Camp wasn’t quite as reliable as we’d expected so some of the time getting news out has been impossible for him. The recent flood of back-dated blogs has been me adding the ones Stephen has written over the past month or so, as they all came in one (rather epic) email! More of those to come…

But I don’t want the current excitement of Stephen’s team’s push for the summit of the tallest mountain on earth to be side-tracked by these dated updates. It’s now Monday 17th May – originally Stephen had expected that the window of opportunity for him to make the final push upwards and through the ‘death zone’ to stand atop the peak would have been between the 17th and 18th. However from following some other blogs of people climbing on Stephen’s side and the other South Col side, it seems that it may be more like the 24th (next Monday) before the conditions become favorable enough… it’s VERY difficult to accurately forecast the weather up there apparently – near impossible!

So until I hear a more recent update from Stephen, I will keep adding the back-dated blogs from the previous weeks, but you can also browse the topical blogs by these other climbers to gauge how things are progressing day-by-day, hour-by-hour!

Adventure Peaks – The group Stephen is climbing with

Alanarnette – An avid blogger co-ordinating & following all the expeditions North & South

Max O’Meara – Climbing with Stephen. Max has the same problem with getting news out,  but his friend Waleed (a previous Everest climber) has some great insights into what the guys will be facing over there.

Thanks for following…


2 thoughts on “BLOG UPDATE – Summit Attempt Approaching!

  1. Allister Taggart

    Stephen. Hope this weather window opens wide for you soon. Stay ahead of the pack and take as much care coming down as going up. All that you’ve dreamed of is within your grasp. Allister

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