20th April – Acclimatising


After the long journey up to Advanced Base Camp we were given the option of either having a day off to let our bodies acclimatise or going for a walk up to the head wall of the North Col. The point of this trip up to ABC is to climb the head wall of the North Col, pushing our bodies in order to acclimatise, before dropping back to Base Camp to rest. This trip up is not only necessary to acclimatise safely but to allow us to place some of our gear in barrels at the top, so when we return in a weeks time to climb up to Camp 2 on the side of Everest, we wont have to carry as much gear up to Camp 1.

I decided to spend a lazy day reading books in my sleeping bag. We are already head of schedule and have plenty time to allow us to acclimatise properly so there is no rush.

One thought on “20th April – Acclimatising

  1. Linda Hamilton

    Hi I am following your progress, glad all is going well so far. Keep safe.
    Thanks for supporting Cancer Research UK.

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