19th April – Advanced Base Camp… RAMMED!


Today was the second part of our long trip up to Advanced Base Camp. The trek from interim base camp to ABC is relatively straight forward but on the way up you pass through some spectacular scenery. The landscape travelling up is predominantly dominated by ice towers the size of large buildings.

The singular goal for today was to make it up to ABC, and as such everyone took their own time and came stumbling into the camp at various times throughout the afternoon. On arriving though everyone had the fun mission of locating OUR camp. Advanced Base Camp is a smaller camp and used by many teams to prepare for their summit bid. There is therefore about 150 people staying there at any given time, including Sherpas and cooking staff, which makes locating your tent rather hard. This will be where we will now stay before each time we set foot on Everest.

Unlike at Base Camp though, people didn’t spend half as long preparing their tents and unpacking as it was so cold up here! Instead people chucked their gear inside their tent and quickly got out their sleeping bag and head torch before descending on the mess tents to keep warm.

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