18th April – The Yak train!


Well after a lot of waiting we finally moved up to interim camp today. The walk from Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp is EXTREMELY hard going, especially the first time round, with a height gain of 1200 metres, so we use interim camp to break the trek down.

The walk started off along the glacial lakes and then starts to ascend steeply. Base Camp is North of Everest and ABC is North East, therefore much of the trek to advanced base camp is traversing around the base of Everest while climbing in height.

We were using Yaks to bring our equipment up to ABC, though they move slower than we do on this type of terrain. We therefore had to take a long lunch half way up to allow the yaks to catch up with us, as they carry our sleeping bags up to interim camp and we didn’t want to have to wait about up there in the cold for them!

On arriving at interim camp we were greeted with cups of teas from our sherpa who had powered ahead of us to set it up. It was starting to get cold very quickly and thankfully it didn’t take to long for the yaks to arrive with all our down clothing and sleeping bags. It was an impressive spectacle to watch as the yak hearers unloaded our gear and set up their own camp. Unlike us they were sleeping under canvas tents held up by pieces of wood and were using heavy blankets instead of sleeping bags to keep warm at night – these guys truly are hardcore climbers!

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