17th April – Filming with Josh Lewsey & Glacial Lake swimming


Yesterday was meant to be our final rest day before moving up to interim base camp and then on to Advanced Base Camp. But due to some logistical problems in getting our equipment up there (tents, food etc) we will now not be in ABC till Monday.

This meant we were free to relax and do what we wanted. A keen few in the group decided the use this free day to get some more altitude exposure by doing another walk (I wasn’t so keen). Instead I decided, along with a small number of the group, that I couldn’t be bothered to walk up another mountain, so we settled for walking to the glacial lakes for our exercise. These lakes aren’t far from Base Camp, probably 15 minutes max.

After our very short walk for our days exercise to the lakes, Josh and I decided to set up an abseil for some fun off some of the larger boulders. It was a good laugh and amused us all for a while.

Josh and Keith also needed to film a 30 second clip about the expedition, to be shown at Twickenham during the Wasps match. So after dismantling the abseil we went looking for a suitable spot to film the clip, with the priority being a good view of Everest in the background. Surprisingly it didn’t take too many takes and we had a clip in the can to be sent off in no time at all.

On the way back to base camp we bumped into Max who had be dared to dive into one of the glacial lakes WHICH ARE FREEZING. So we all sat about waiting for him to do it, and all credit to him after about 5 minutes of procrastination he dived head first into the freezing water. We found out later at dinner that Max was used to swimming in cold water and had in fact once swam out to an ice berg in Alaska when he was young.

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