16th April – ‘Risk’ at 6000m!


Today was our final of rest day before moving up to Advanced Base Camp. Time could by no means have said to have flown by, but it did seem strange that we were finally moving up after so long.  When we arrive at ABC we will spend a day there acclimatising before climbing the North Col, in order to leave equipment there for when we return.

Most of the morning was therefore spent checking equipment and practicing with the fixed lines, which we will be using on the North Col. The group is of varying standards and therefore a fair amount of time had to be spent covering the basics, from how to attach to the fixed lines and how to descend on them. As I had already used fixed lines on Ama Dablam I spent the first part of the practice session reading then went over to help people for the second half.

By the end everyone was fairly confident that they knew what they were doing on the fixed lines and how to descend on them (they better be as there isn’t much help 8000 metres up)! The lines were left up in the afternoon in case people felt they needed extra practice.

In the afternoon for a change some us decided to play some board games. By far the most popular of which was Risk. It was surprising to see how involved everyone playing the game got! It brought back memories of some of the highly heated monopoly games which I played with my family when I was young.

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