13th April – 5600m and water drinking games!


After a days rest and two nights at base camp we were told that the majority of the group should be starting to acclimatise well. As such Stuart arranged a short 3-4 hour walk up to 5600m, for all those feeling fit and able.

The walk started along a frozen river / waterfall which we followed up the mountain for about an hour before we hit a boulder field and had to scramble across it to reach the target altitude of 56000 meters. The group spilt in to two though at the boulder field with some not feeling strong enough to carry on. The split was probably 50/50 with roughly half the group turning back.

Those of us who carried on decided to stay up for a while to get used to the thinner air, once we reached the end of the boulder field. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to lie down in the sun and listen to some music, while other slightly crazier people did a little exploring up the neighbouring scree slopes.

We returned to base camp about 2 o’clock, all very happy to see the chefs were well underway preparing lunch for us. While we waited, the majority of the team treated themselves to beer or juice boxes in celebration. It had been a hard day and yes we are allowed beer up here!

At dinner the idea of playing some drinking games came up, unfortunately not with alcohol though. Instead, the idea was to use water as punishments, which didn’t seem as logical to me. At this altitude you have to drink so many litres of water a day and it was suggested that this might be a good way to get some of your litres down. I wasn’t convinced!

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