4 climbers home, Less than 10 days til Summit?

Still having quite a few problems getting all of my blogs (which I’ve been writing continually) out to you all by email, but I’m still in contact with my cousin via text. Here is and excerpt from the Adventure Peaks blog from our guide Stu (they have a more reliable update of general team blogs… you can follow these here).

Adventure Peaks - Everest Team 2010

– 2nd May –

“Stu has been in contact this morning to confirm his group have had a successful but wild and cold period of acclimatization on and above the North Col! He described their walk up the North Ridge to 7300m as the worst weather (cold and strong winds) he had ever experienced on Everest during his three previous expeditions. So well done to those who were able to complete their acclimatization.

The group will now drop down to Base camp for a well deserved rest before making their attempt on the summit.

Progress has been excellent to date and the expedition is making perfect time.It is normal to have a period of about six days at BC to fully rest, eat plenty and wait for the good weather before summit attempts start. My estimation on the program from now is: BC rest 3rd -10th May and if the weather looks good aim for the summit around the 16th. We will be watching the weather reports carefully as we progress through this week. As normal we will be posting more regular reports and throughout the night of the summit day/s.(Dave Pritt, Director)

Following the unfortunate incident which occurred to another team on 26th April (described below) Jantoon, Donn, Scott and Micky have decided to leave behind their attempt on Everest and will start their journey back to Kathmandu. We wish them well.”

Stay tuned for more from me in the next few days, hopefully! It’s amazing how quickly our push for the Summit is approaching.


One thought on “4 climbers home, Less than 10 days til Summit?

  1. Joanna Gilliatt

    Very best of luck for your summit attempt – I’ll be thinking of you. From Jamie (Bear) Rupar’s Mum

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