A long overdue update…

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the long spell of silence. A combination of very sporadic satellite reception and a fairly intensive last week has meant that although I’ve been writing away, documenting my time here, I haven’t been able to get all of my updates back to you all at home. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be able to return to more regular Blogging.

We’d been at Advanced Base Camp for a while, everyone had the impressive views of Everest up close as well as the North Col and Lhkapa Ri. Overall people are fine, the odd cough but nothing major. We’d had a successful few days up at ABC despite the weather, it’s not been the best, very cold winds and a couple of stormy nights. On the rest day most people walked to either crampon corner (6500m) or the headwall. Last Thursday, 22nd April, was Adventure Peak’s en-mass assault of the North Col, and it turned out to be a quiet day on the mountain for other teams.

We split our team up into different groups and all made attempts at reaching the North Col at different points throughout the day. I reached the North Col, breaking the 7000m milestone, with my group. Some took a few attempts, and some had to return to ABC, and we have all now returned to Base Camp for a few days rest, to allow our bodies to recover before heading up again.

Camp One - Established on the North Col

The next step will be to reach Camp One – at 7010m. Established on the North Col, this probably the most important camp and offers the springboard for the remainder of the ascent.

Camp One - Everest

Remember, you can keep a track of what’s to come on my ascent on the link to the 2010 Everest Expedition, here.

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