Waiting for Satellites…

Hi everyone – just a quick update on Stephen’s progress.

The reason for the radio silence has been that since arriving at Base Camp (BC) the Sat Phone hasn’t been getting reception due to the angle of the satellite. Unfortunately this means that, at the moment at least, no emails & no blogs – just temporarily though!

Stephen and the team are currently resting for two days at BC after an acclimitisation climb today, up to 6000m. They aim to push for Advanced Base Camp (ABC) after this rest period, and hopefully here they will have more luck with the Sat Phone reception… fingers crossed!

So stay tuned for Stephen’s next Blog update in a few days (a whole week’s worth of it!) once he reaches ABC, at 6400m.

Advanced Base Camp - Ama Dablam

Here’s a photo of ABC on Ama Dablam where Stephen stayed en route to the top of this mountain for training, last year. To give you a flavour of how he will be living over there!

Note: you can follow the steps of the North Cole Everest route that Stephen and his team will face over the upcoming weeks here.

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