Mad Dogs & crab sized Spiders…

We’re gradually progressing up to base camp. Arrvied at Nyalam (nicknamed ‘The Gate of Hell’ by the Nepalese traders) yesterday morning to a street full of dogs and yaks running about causing havoc. We have been told to be careful and not to get too close to the dogs in case they bite you, as a couple of years ago a climber was bitten and had to travel all the way back to Kathmandu to get his rabies jabs!

After negoitiating the dogs and dumping our daybags in our hotel rooms (which are in fact very nice, 2 to a room, both with your own double bed, full air conditioning and plasma TVs) we set out on an acclimatisation walk up to 4100m. At the top there were some nice looking boulders, so some of us made up a few climbing routes and had fun trying to complete them while others relaxed and took in the views.
After an hour or so we all set off back down to Nyalam for dinner. About half way down when asked the time I realised that I had left my watch up at the top, as I had taken it off when doing the boulder problems. So while everyone else proceeded downhill, I had to jog back up to collect it – Good training I guess!

After a good feed of rice, more rice and more rice for dinner we all retreated to our rooms. Unfortunately on entering my room I was greeted with a spider hanging above my bed, which was, no exaggeration, the size of a crab! After trying to catch the spider for a couple of minutes we decided it was pointless, as it was as fast as Usain bolt on steroids! So we had to settle down for the night knowing this crab spider was lurking somewhere in our room.

Even with the spider in my room I managed to have a surprisingly good nights sleep. We all got up early to have breakfast for 7:00, then climbed up to 4400m and spent some time up there acclimatising before returning down for lunch in Nyalam at about 2:00.

Tomorrow we will be driving up to Tingri. On the drive up we will be climbing to a plateau of 5000m before descending again to 4500m. Here we will once again spend two days before moving on up to base camp.

Feel free to leave replies and comments here on the blog, or the comments section of the website guys. It’d be great to get some feedback and hear how everyone is doing whilst I’m out here. Cheers.


5 thoughts on “Mad Dogs & crab sized Spiders…

  1. Willie

    Hey mate, such a Greenious moment there with your watch, had everyone rolling their eyes at typical Green, make sure you got your keys and your bank card wouldn’t want to force entry anywhere after being locked out… 😉
    Its my Birthday today, so naturally wish you were here to party, had everyone round on Tues to the House of Ashover, twas packed but could of made space for you in the long arming. Rach says hey, just made me a cooked breakfast then away to cinema, dinner and drinks for the day, slightly more comfortable than you are anyway!
    We re waiting for your next post with anticipation, watched the bear grylls para-motor documentary the other day as a flat and hit home, again, what a ‘feel gype’ you are.

    Stay safe and much love,
    Willie and Rach xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Paul McGonigle

    Hi Stephen, you dont know me, but via facebook i decided to follow you and your adventure, and by the time you complete your blogs i might find that i do know you! Very inspiring, doing base camp in November hence the interest in you taking things to the top. I will donate too, two fantastic causes.

    Keep going with the altitude training, kill and eat the spiders for variety from the rice,!
    Just thought it would help to hear that a complete stranger is living your life with you for the next 3 months! Good luck.

  3. Jamie Rupar


    It sounds like the trip up to base camp has been eventfull. I trust you had the sense to take a photo of this crab spider, it does sound slightly unlikely – ha.

    I’ve just got back from my trip to Chamonix, which was ace. We did a bit of ski touring at around 3500m, which certainly got the heart rate up. I’ll be interseted to hear how many steps you are able to take at higher altitudes before a break.

  4. Mum

    Take it you got the transfer.
    Just back from visiting Gramps, he’s in good form and telling everyone of the exploits of his grandson. I’ll tell him of your recent adventures.

  5. Andy Taggart

    Interesting reading cous! I hope the spider hadn’t actually gained access to your superbly well packed (even if I do say so myself) steroids! How are the technical gadgetry issues working out? Dogcam, handicam, ipod, footwarmers, charging issues etc…

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