At 2700m… and counting!

Well we’ve made it to 2700m! After a tyre blow out on our truck and many near misses we’ve arrived in China. We’ll be spending the night here in Zhang Mu before continuing on up the mountain roads tomorrow morning, hoping to reach base camp on Sunday.

After arriving in Nepal on the 4th, we spent 2 nights in Kathmandu. Most of my time there was spent buying last minute pieces of gear which were either to bulky / heavy to fly out with, or could be purchased cheaply out here.

Thamel was as busy as ever, with tourists and climbers everywhere. However we were able to find a resturant that would accommodate our full team on both nights, allowing everyone to get to know each other a little better.

A small number of the team went out in Thamel the first night after the meal, though I returned with the majority to have a few beers in the hotel bar. On the second evening, feeling confident that we had managed to pack everything we would need for the next 2 months (we’re leaving civilisation behind for a good while!) Max and I headed out into Thamel town. We caught up with a few girls from Britain that we’d met during the day. It was nice to have a bit of reality and relaxation before leaving the comfort of Kathmandu behind.

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