Josh Lewsay Training in a Fridge!

Lewsey and his climbing partner Major Keith Reesby have been training in a fridge while using a hypoxia machine to recreate high altitude conditions.

This preparation could be very important for Lewsey who struggled with altitude sickness during a training climb in Argentina.

“It’s a genuine fear of failure I suppose. As a sportsman you’re use to being relatively confident in your own physical ability. So its a massive leveller and there is that fear of failure.”

The former England and Wasps winger is not only climbing Everest but is taking the fabled North-East Ridge route take by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine during the 1924 British expedition.

It will take them through The North Col, a pass at 23,000ft on the Tibetan side of the mountain. The expedition will take 73 days to complete.

Check out the video at

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